life honeslty moves too fast

goals for the next few days:
~mail the payment for for my baja hoodie on ebay.. its so sweet!
~get all my homework done for all my classes, im about half way done
~start this piece i have an idea for
~find a place that will fix my hair
~re-dye my hair
~actually save my money
~stop worrying so much
~smile and mean it for once

hmmm so i think thats a pretty good list. i like school, i have a lot of reading and projects to do already but for once im not totally annoyed by school work.

heres my week pretty much:
tuesday: READING
wednesday: 2D DESIGN
thrusday: READING
....with work in there on certain days... blah work still blows but i suppose its getting better.

so today my father had this huge uproar about how tattoos are stupid and how ill regret it when im older.. which is retarded for him to say because he has tattoos himself. i had to walk away, i couldnt listen to his bullshit. to me, this is beautiful, this is art.

i breathe artistic
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~the first day of class today. 2d design class. overall the class seems good. the teacher seems a bit scatterbarined, but then again what art teacher isnt? collge isnt such a scary thing like everyone thinks it is. tomorrow i have my reading class in rockville, eh not looking too forward to that one. but fridays color theroy. saras in my class so that should be sweet.

~im up to two tattoos. working on a plan to get the third soon. maybe this weekend? me and carrie are getting matching ones. its going to be small though. excited.

~i dont like when people call them 'tats.'

~no job at inkers for casie. the hours they needed someone i was in school. kind of sucks. oh well. maybe someday.

~ive started talking to ryan again, who even knows. i dont really think he cares the way i want him too. honeslt, i dont think anyone cares the way i want them too.

~with work and school... i have pretty much no free time. maybe thats good for me. i dont have to think about things so much. at least i want be bored

~im starting to realize maybe being lost isnt so bad.

~i dont want to be lonely, i just want to be alone
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quick updates before i go to work:

1 my hair still is having some problems, i might have to buy knotty boy dread products afterall
2 i dont want to stay late to work tonight
3 i want to go to a show... maybe 311.. anyone insterested? or gym class heroes
4 i feel like the whole world has disapeared
5 school starts on sept 6th, and im nervous
6 in two years im moving
7 no one reads this
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i guess its been a little while... internet has been fucked.

so far today ive gotten a couple of things done. i've:
~woke up feeling somewhat ok
~discovered that my internet is back on
~filled out a cerdit card application since i guess i should start to establish some type of credit
~ordered my books for school, all 188 dollars worth of them. expensive.

and i have to work from 5 to close. im considering finding a new job. im so over targets bullshit. im hoping once school starts things will get better. at least i wont have to close anymore and have to stay until 11 every damn night.

and i still havent gotten the rest of my supples for my classes... i need to do that.

fuckin ass

i washed my hair last night. and i find that my 'dreads' arent staying in as well as i would of hoped. but then again they arent really getting much help with the process. because i still havent bought the dreads wax from knottboy.com. ive been meaning to but as always, im broke. so ill have to wait until friday to get money. i hate that money hold such an importance to the rest of the world. oh well. i cant change it.

i was thinking... i havent been to a show in a really long time. its depressing. i wanted to go to the ballyhoo show on the 29th.. but big surprise, i have to work. plus its in baltimore. since i really dont have anyone that will go to shows with me, i dont want to go alone. i mean i would go if a show wasnt so far away. but baltimore, thats a little to far for a teenage girl to be alone. but next show that isnt so far away that i want to go to. even if i have to go by myself. fuck everyone else anyone. im so done with these people.

im hoping when college starts i meet some new people to chill with. im tired of fake people. i could go into this long ass rant about how most of the people i know are fake but im not going to... since no reads this anyway. and even if they do they wouldnt see what im saying anyway.

im so over this town, this place, these people. seriously, once i can im gone. and im not comming back. so peace
spray can

a b c ' s bitches

A is for age:
centeries at least

B is for beer of choice:
beer is for rednecks...

C is for career right now:
bitch ass tourted artist, and a target zombie

D is for dogs name:
jessie, badit, and rocky

E is for essential item you use everyday:
my head

F is for favorite TV show at the moment:
inked i suppose

G is for favorite game:

H is for Home town:

I is for instruments you play:

J is for favorite juice:
umm fruit punch?

K is for who's butt you want to kick:

L is for last place you ate:
my room

M is for marriage:

O is for over-rated. What's your point?

N is for your full name:
casie marie weathers

O is for overnight hospital stays:
never had to deal with that

P is for people you were with today:
rachel at work.. but then she left so i was alone

Q is for quote:
'i need to have you there, cuz its not the same'

R is for Biggest Regret:
letting people slip away

S is for status:
'spreading the love' haha that was for rob if he reads this

T is for time you wake up:

V is for vegetable you love:
all of them man

W is for worst habit:
being sad

X is for x-rays you've had:

Y is for yummy food you ate today:
soup.. yeah

Z is for zodiac sign?